McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys 2023: A Sneak Peek at What’s Coming

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McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys 2023 are well-known to you, Happy Meal isn’t complete without a toy. Whether your favorite was a Beanie Baby, Hot Wheels car, or mini Disney figurine, McDonald’s has been delighting kids with fun toys for decades. As we IN 2023, you’re probably wondering what new toys might be included in your future Happy Meals. Lucky for you, we’ve got an exclusive sneak peek at some of the toys McDonald’s has up their sleeve for next year. From reviving nostalgic favorites from the past to movie tie-ins and new original characters, 2023 is shaping up to be an exciting year for Happy Meal toys. Read on to find out which toys you can expect to see in your Happy Meals next year so you know which ones to look forward to collecting.

A Look Back at the Most Popular Happy Meal Toys of 2022

McDonald’s has been dishing out fun toys with their Happy Meals for decades. This year was no exception. Some of the most popular toys of 2022 were:

Minion Fart Blaster

The silly little yellow guys from Despicable Me were a huge hit this year. Kids couldn’t get enough of the Minion Fart Blaster toys that made hilarious farting sounds. Collect all 12 characters for maximum fun.

LOL Surprise Dolls

The surprise unboxing craze continues! LOL Surprise dolls with their layers of surprises hidden inside plastic balls were a popular choice in 2022. Each ball contains things like stickers, charms, mini dolls and more. Kids love the thrill of discovering what’s inside.

Hot Wheels

You really can’t go wrong with tiny toy cars. Hot Wheels have been a Happy Meal staple for years and 2022 was no exception. Stylish sportscars, wacky monster trucks and stunt track sets were just a few of the speedy options available.


The Pokémon franchise shows no signs of slowing down. McDonald’s featured some of the most popular characters like Pikachu, Squirtle and Charmander. Each toy came with a special holographic trading card to add to any Pokémon card collection.

Overall, it was an exciting year for Happy Meal toys. No matter your age, there’s a little kid inside all of us that still gets a thrill from discovering a surprise toy in our meal. Luckily, McDonald’s assortment of fun, family-friendly options in 2022 didn’t disappoint. Here’s to another great year of Happy Meal toys in 2023!

McDonald’s Partnership With Disney for Exclusive Toys in 2023

McDonald’s is teaming up with Disney once again in 2023 to release exclusive Happy Meal toys featuring beloved characters from classic animated films.

For several months starting in January, you’ll receive one of four toys with the purchase of a Happy Meal – and you’ll want to collect them all. The toys will include figurines of Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Donald and Daisy Duck, inspired by their original designs in the 1930s. Each figurine does a fun action like Minnie’s arms moving up and down or Donald’s head bobbing. Your little ones are sure to fall in love with these iconic characters in toy form.

Come April, McDonald’s will release toys based on the 1992 film Aladdin, including Aladdin, Jasmine, Genie and Jafar. These magical toys featuring the characters from Agrabah are bound to delight both kids and kids at heart.

In July, Happy Meals will contain one of four toys themed to the beloved 1995 film Toy Story. Whether you get Sheriff Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Jessie the yodeling cowgirl or Rex the anxious dinosaur, you’ll want to “reach for the sky” and collect them all.

With Disney movie-themed toys released over several months, McDonald’s Happy Meal toys in 2023 are set to spark imagination and bring back nostalgic memories. By partnering with the iconic brand Disney, McDonald’s continues its tradition of distributing fun, family-focused toys that both children and adults will enjoy. Mark your calendars and get ready to make Happy Meal toy runs for the exclusive figurines and characters coming your way next year.

Fan Favorite Returns: Minions Happy Meal Toys Coming Soon

The Minions are back! McDonald’s has announced that Minion Happy Meal toys will return in early 2023. These lovable little yellow creatures from the Despicable Me movies have always been a fan favorite in Happy Meals.

New Toys to Collect

McDonald’s will release a new set of 8 Minion toys for kids to collect. Each week, a new toy will become available so you’ll have to keep going back to get the whole set! The toys feature some of your favorite Minion characters like Bob, Kevin, and Stuart along with some new faces. The toys are interactive and designed to spark imaginative play.

Limited Time Only

The Minion Happy Meal toys will only be available for a limited time, typically 6 to 8 weeks. Once they’re gone, they won’t return again for several years. These limited releases create excitement and a sense of urgency for fans to get all the toys before they disappear.

Perfect for Fans of All Ages

Whether you’re a kid or just a kid at heart, the Minion Happy Meal toys are fun for Minion fans of all ages. The Minions’ silly antics and gibberish language never fail to make both children and adults laugh. These toys capture the Minions’ playful and mischievous spirit, so you’ll be quoting your favorite Minion phrases and singing “ba-ba-ba-banana!” in no time.

The Minion Happy Meal toys are always highly anticipated whenever they come back to McDonald’s. Be on the lookout in early 2023 for when these little yellow creatures will return with a new set of toys that are sure to delight fans once again. The Minions really know how to brighten your day and put a smile on your face!

What to Expect From McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys in 2023

If you have little ones, you know that McDonald’s Happy Meal toys are always a treat. In 2023, McDonald’s has some fun surprises in store for fans of their Happy Meal toys. Here’s a sneak peek at what you can expect from McDonald’s Happy Meal toys next year:


McDonald’s is bringing back popular toy lines that kids can collect, like Shopkins, Pokemon characters, and Littlest Pet Shop. These are always kid favorites and the toys hold up well for imaginative play. Each week a new toy is released so your child can look forward to adding to their collection.

Movie Tie-Ins

With blockbusters like the new Minion movie, Super Mario Bros. movie, and Sonic the Hedgehog 2 coming out in 2023, you can bet McDonald’s will release Happy Meal toys to tie in with these films. These movie toys are always in high demand and tend to become collector’s items.

Retro Toys

For ’90s kids and nostalgic parents, McDonald’s sometimes releases retro-style toys modeled after classics from the past. In 2023, rumor has it they may bring back Tamagotchi, Furby, and Beanie Baby-inspired toys. These retro toys are sure to spark joy and memories of childhood.

Interactive Toys

Some of the most fun McDonald’s Happy Meal toys are the interactive ones, like small stuffed animals, figurines or toys that can dance, light up, make sounds or respond to motion. These keep kids engaged and entertained. We may see new interactive toys featuring favorite characters like Minion Dave, Sonic or Pikachu.

With many family movies, collectibles series, and retro inspired toys on the horizon for 2023, McDonald’s Happy Meal toys are sure to bring smiles to both kids and kids at heart. Be on the lookout each week for the latest toy in your Happy Meal—you never know which new favorite is coming next!

How to Get the Hottest Happy Meal Toys Before They Sell Out

McDonald’s hottest Happy Meal toys are always the ones that fly off the shelves the fastest. As a collector, you know you have to act quick to get your hands on the coolest toys before they’re gone. Here are some tips to score the most popular toys before they sell out:

Check McDonald’s website and social media

McDonald’s usually announces the lineup of Happy Meal toys 1-2 months in advance on their website and social media channels like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. As soon as you see an announcement for toys you’re interested in, make a note of the release date so you can be first in line to get them.

Pre-order on the McDonald’s App

If you have the McDonald’s App, you may be able to pre-order Happy Meal toys for pickup before they launch in stores. Pre-ordering is the best way to guarantee you get the toys you want, especially limited edition or exclusive toys. Pre-orders sometimes sell out quickly too though, so order as soon as pre-orders open.

Go early on release day

For the most popular Happy Meal toy releases, your best bet is to go to McDonald’s as early in the day as possible on the release date. Some die-hard fans even line up before the restaurant opens! The earlier you go, the more likely you’ll be able to get your hands on a full set of toys before they start selling out.

Check back often

Don’t be discouraged if your local McDonald’s sells out quickly of the hottest new toys. More shipments of the toys will continue to arrive over the following weeks. Check back regularly to see if they have restocked. Towards the end of the promotion period is also a good time to check, as stores will sometimes have leftover toys that didn’t sell out originally.

With some advance planning and persistence, you can build an awesome Happy Meal toy collection and stay on top of the latest toy crazes. Keep an eye out for what’s coming in 2023 and beyond—McDonald’s is always cooking up fun new toys and surprises!


Well there you have it, your sneak peek at what toys McDonald’s has in store for the Happy Meals in 2023. Whether you’re a kid or just a big kid at heart, there’s something for everyone in the lineup next year. Lego sets to stimulate creativity, cute plushies for cuddling, action figures to inspire imaginative play – they’ve really outdone themselves. Next time you’re craving those golden arches, consider grabbing a Happy Meal for the toy alone. The food may be temporary but the memories these fun little collectibles create can last forever. What are you most excited to get your hands on? The Transformers, the Minions, or maybe a classic like Hot Wheels? However you like to play, McDonald’s has you covered in 2023. Start saving your change now so you’ll be ready to collect them all!

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