The Best Picuki Alternative for Finding Viral Photos

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Ever scroll through your social feeds and wonder where all those viral photos and memes come from? Chances are, many originate on Picuki, Alternative, the popular photo discovery platform. But maybe Picuki’s not your thing. Maybe you’re looking for an alternative that’s a bit more niche or has a different vibe. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We searched high and low across the internet to find the best Picuki alternatives for discovering shareable photos and memes. Whether you’re into travel pics, nerdy jokes, or just really weird stuff, there’s an option for you. Keep reading to find your new favorite spot for stumbling upon those viral photos everyone’s posting and sharing. You’re welcome!

What Is Picuki and Why You Might Want an Alternative

Picuki is a popular website and mobile app for finding viral and trending photos on the internet. If you’re looking for an alternative to Picuki, here are a few options to consider:

1. Reddit

Reddit is a massive network of niche communities called subreddits. The /r/pics subreddit is dedicated to interesting and viral photos. You’ll find a constant stream of trending images, memes, and snapshots. And with over 23 million subscribers, /r/pics is an active community uploading new viral pics every day.

2. 9GAG

9GAG is a popular entertainment platform and community with over 100 million monthly visitors. They feature a handpicked selection of the latest viral photos, images, and memes. You can browse by category like cute, funny, movies & TV, and more. 9GAG also has an active community constantly uploading and commenting on new trending pictures.

3. Bored Panda

Bored Panda publishes lighthearted and fun content to brighten your day, including lots of viral images and photos. They handpick trending pics from around the web and social media. Bored Panda receives over 80 million monthly visitors, so they have a knack for finding engaging images that spark conversations.

In the end, while Picuki can be great for finding popular photos, there are several worthy alternatives with massive communities and a constant feed of new viral images to discover. Whether you prefer large networks like Reddit or 9GAG or curated sites like Bored Panda, you have options for an alternative source of trending pictures.

Top 3 Picuki Alternatives for Finding Viral Photos

If Picuki isn’t your thing, don’t worry – there are other options for discovering viral images on the web. Here are the top 3 Picuki alternatives:

1. 9GAG

9GAG is a popular site for sharing funny photos, videos and GIFs. They feature a “Hot” section with the most viral content of the day. You’ll find lots of amusing memes, reaction GIFs and more. They also have an app to easily view the hottest posts on the go.

2. Reddit

Reddit is an enormous network of niche communities called “subreddits.” Some of the most popular subs are dedicated to sharing viral and trending images. /r/pics and /r/gifs are great for funny and interesting photos and GIFs. /r/aww features cute animal pics. There’s a sub for pretty much any topic or style of photo you can imagine. Reddit’s ranking algorithm ensures the hottest posts rise to the top.

3. Bored Panda

Bored Panda curates funny and thought-provoking images from around the web. They highlight trending photos, comics, illustrations and more. Content is organized into categories like “Celebrities,” “Movies & TV,” “Comics” and “Animals.” They also produce original lists like “The Funniest Wildlife Photos of 2019.” If you’re looking for viral content with a humorous and quirky slant, Bored Panda is a great choice.

With popular sites like these at your fingertips, you’ll never run out of amusing viral photos and GIFs to brighten your day. So next time you’re craving shareable images, give one of these Picuki alternatives a try. You won’t be disappointed!

How to Use the Best Picuki Alternatives

Once you’ve decided Picuki isn’t for you, there are a few great alternatives for discovering viral and trending images. Two of the best options are:


500px is a popular photo sharing community where talented photographers upload their best shots. They feature curated collections of stunning and striking images that often go viral.

To use 500px, simply sign up for a free account and start following some of their featured users and collections. You’ll see their latest uploads in your feed. 500px’s “Popular” section showcases photos that have received the most likes and views recently. Their “Editors’ Choice” and “Up and Coming” sections highlight up and coming photographers and photos gaining traction.

500px is a fantastic option if you’re looking to be visually inspired. The quality of photos is extremely high, and new viral images are surfacing all the time.

Buzzfeed Photo

Buzzfeed’s photo section should be familiar, as their lists and quizzes are hugely popular. But they also maintain an active photo community with thousands of contributors. Buzzfeed Photo features a constant feed of amusing, interesting, and viral images from around the web.

To browse Buzzfeed Photo, just head to Their “Most Viral” section shows photos that are spreading like wildfire on the internet. “WTF” contains strange and bizarre shots. “LOL” and “Cute” feature funny and adorable images. Buzzfeed also publishes roundups of particularly viral images, like “The 35 Most Iconic Internet Cats Of All Time.”

Buzzfeed Photo is perfect if you’re looking for a steady stream of relatable and shareable viral images that capture the humor and zeitgeist of the internet. Between 500px and Buzzfeed Photo, you’ll never be lacking for viral visual inspiration again.

Comparing Features of Different Picuki Alternatives

When looking for an alternative to Picuki, there are a few options to consider based on the features that are most important to you.


FindShot is focused primarily on curating viral and trending photos. It provides a constantly updating feed of popular images from around the web. If finding the latest viral memes and reactions is your top priority, FindShot is a great choice. It has a simple, image-focused interface without a lot of distractions. However, it lacks some of the community features of Picuki like comments, likes, and the ability to follow other users.


Unspalsh takes a different approach, providing a collection of high-quality stock photos that are free to use commercially and privately. Whether you’re a blogger looking for images to accompany your posts or a designer in need of photos for a project, Unsplash has a library of over 1 million images to choose from. The photos are curated by both Unsplash staff and community contributors. If you’re interested in sharing your own photos, you can upload and contribute to the collection as well. The major downside is that Unspalsh isn’t focused on viral or trending images, so you won’t find the latest memes or reaction photos there.


Imgur has been around for over a decade and has built up an active community of users that contribute and share photos on everything from current events to gaming to technology. Like Picuki, you can browse popular and trending images, comment on photos, vote, and follow other users. However, Imgur has a wider range of content beyond just viral photos and memes. It includes images on news, science, movies, and more. So while it has some similar community features to Picuki, the scope of images shared on Imgur is much broader.

In the end, it comes down to whether you’re primarily interested in viral photos, high-quality stock images, or a wider range of shared community content. By comparing the key features of FindShot, Unsplash, and Imgur, you can determine which Picuki alternative is the best fit for your needs.

Our Recommendation for the Best Picuki Alternative

When it comes to finding the latest viral photos on the internet, Picuki is a popular website and mobile app choice. However, if you’re looking for an alternative to Picuki, we have a recommendation for you.


Imgur (pronounced “imager”) is a free image and gif hosting site that lets users upload and share images. It has a large collection of the latest trending images, gifs and memes. Unlike Picuki which focuses specifically on viral photos, Imgur has a wider range of content. However, its “Most Viral” section features the hottest trending images of the day that are spreading across the internet.

Imgur has some advantages over Picuki:

  • It’s ad-free. Imgur doesn’t have any advertising on their site or mobile apps.
  • It has more features. You can create accounts, upload and organize your own images into albums, favorite and follow other users, and comment on images.
  • The community is very active. Imgur has a large base of dedicated users that are constantly uploading and curating viral content.
  • Mobile apps are available. Imgur has iOS and Android apps to easily browse trending images on the go.

Of course, some people prefer Picuki’s singular focus on viral photos. But if you’re looking for a free image hosting site with a fun community and the latest viral memes, gifs and images, Imgur is an excellent alternative. You’re sure to find new hilarious and interesting content on a daily basis.

Give Imgur a try and see why so many people have made the switch from Picuki. It just may become your new favorite place to find the most viral photos on the internet.


So there you have it, a few solid options to get your daily dose of viral internet goodness without having to rely on Picuki. Whether you prefer the slick interface of ViralNova, the community curation of Reddit, or the surprise factor of StumbleUpon, the web has you covered. The days of being limited to a single viral aggregator are over. With so many ways to discover shareable content, you’ll never run out of amusing photos or interesting stories to brighten your day and share with friends. So start exploring, find a new favorite, and get clicking—the internet’s latest viral hit could be just one more scroll away.

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